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Matcha tea is everywhere and in everything these days, and this is all thanks to the remarkable benefits of this nature's gifts. If you're keen on joining this bandwagon, you can choose from among our high-quality collection of some of the best nutrient-packed matcha teas, to buy in Canada.

What is Matcha?

Matcha tea has joined traditional green tea as one of the components of a healthy diet. While both of these come from the same Camellia Sinesis plant, matcha tea happens to be far more abundant in Manganese and useful antioxidants per cup than steeped tea. You get 100% of the nutrients since your not just limiting yourself to the water-soluble properties through extracting in water. Instead, the health benefits in matcha vs. green tea come from the fact that you ingest the whole leaf. There are always nutrients left behind after steeping loose leaf tea.

Cooking With Matcha

There are many Michelin Starred Chefs who incorporate matcha in their recipes, but you don't need to be a pro chef to try it for yourself. Create healthy snacks and desserts, but you can also get creative with adding a subtle touch to salad dressings, sauces, soups, and more.

There are so many matcha tea recipes to try that will provide its benefits. Whether you're looking to add a twist of color, a unique taste, or both, matcha powder is all you need to add a healthy twist to your drink and food creations. Why not buy matcha powders and experiment with it? You can trust that our matcha tea powder is among the best in Canada. So many are discovering that consuming the whole tea leaf has enormous natural benefits compared to brewing!

Benefits of Matcha Tea

If you're contemplating whether to buy matcha tea in Canada, you can expect all of the great benefits of making such a healthy and smart decision.

MatchaGenie offers a collection of high-quality matcha teas, some of the best you'll find anywhere in Canada. Some of the benefits of these teas include;

  • According to research published in the journal of the National Center for Biotechnology Information, there is 137 times more epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) in Matcha tea, compared to other types of green teas;
  • A great source of Manganese. Green tea has about double the amount of Manganese than black tea.
  • A significant source of flavonoids. A study published in the International Journal of Biomedical Science discusses antioxidants and its benefits. According to Health Canada, 'Consumption of 1 cup of green tea increases antioxidant capacity in the blood."
  • Research has shown that matcha has a reasonable level of L-theanine. Traditional matcha derived from shade-grown leaves such as the rare Samurai Matcha can have five times the L-theanine than other green teas. L-theanine will be inside any of your recipes that you add matcha to;
  • It contains 0 calories. Tea is a great way to hydrate while at the same time, watching your waistline;
  • One of the other excellent benefits of this tea is the ease with which you can try out different matcha tea recipes.

We offer a unique collection of the best matcha tea in Canada. Matcha is an excellent addition to any diet or health regimen. Aside from tasting quite delicious, matcha tea is easy to prepare. You can buy your matcha tea powder and sift into hot water and then mix it, and it's ready to drink. You can easily adjust the ratio of your matcha tea powder to the water, depending on whether you prefer a thin or concentrated tea. Better still, you can try out one of our matcha tea recipes and also get all of the health benefits of this natural tea.

Matcha Tea Recipes

How to make matcha traditionally

Matcha tea powder offers greater versatility as far as recipes go. If you want to go the traditional route with your matcha tea powder, in Canada, most people have adopted to use a traditional Japanese bamboo whisk. To properly prepare, you can sift around 1 gram of matcha powder in 250 ml of water heated to 50C - 60C (for Gyokoru). Whisk until you no longer see matcha tea powder chunks in the liquid and until a light foam floats at the top. While this may seem like the best way for some people, your options are quite unlimited.

Electric Whisks

If you are into gadgets that simplify life a little, you can buy an electric matcha whisk. It can be used for whisking and frothing and is a great tool for preparing matcha latte recipes.

Today, you can easily find matcha tea recipes in Canada, and it is a definite growing trend. If you want to buy this natural tea, you can easily incorporate it into a wide variety of recipes found online or here. You can try anything from matcha lattes to protein smoothies and a host of other ways to boost your health with matcha tea powder.

Cold Matcha Tea Recipes

Matcha, while traditionally served hot, can also be enjoyed cold. There is no need to take the time to brew. Mix our best matcha tea powder in cold water with lemon to create an iced tea. Add it to your favorite ice cream, mix it with yogurt, or incorporate it into any matcha tea recipes of your choice to get all of the health benefits of this tea.

Where can I buy Matcha in Canada?

Matchagenie has emerged as the best brand for anyone looking to buy the best matcha tea you can get in Canada and elsewhere. You can easily buy from our store and incorporate this into your diet. You can as well try out any of the popular matcha tea recipes to make your food more flavorful and healthier.

Explore our collection of high-quality Matcha teas.

Buy loose leaf tea in Canada

Buy matcha tea and loose leaf tea in CanadaBuy Matcha Tea

We supply traditional Japanese stone ground superior quality matcha tea powder in Canada, USA and many other countries around the world. We also supply a variety of unique finely stone ground teas that we also call matcha but are not from Japan. We offer black matcha tea, chai matcha tea, rooibos matcha tea , Yerba Mate matcha tea and more.

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Black tea is the most popular of all the loose leaf teas that we offer. We have many unflavored teas and many flavored teas ranging from citrus flavors and fruit flavors to flowery flavors such as lavender and jasmine. All our black teas are a popular choice for drinking both hot or cold. If you are looking for a quality ice tea, you may want to start with our fruit flavored teas and citrus flavored teas . We have a variety of traditional English favourites. We also have some special estate teas which are some very rare teas. We also have a few decaf black teas available. Organic Black Teas are quickly becoming a very popular choice for the black tea lover.

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Explore our green tea varieties both flavored and unflavored. Our flavored teas are all naturally flavored. Our unflavored green teas are a very popular choice if you like an authentic cup of superior quality tea. Green tea leaves are fresh and dried quickly after harvest to ensure they taste like they were freshly picked from the camellia Sinensis bush. We have green teas from Japan, China, India, and Africa. Each region having their own special growing and curing techniques. Since each country have completely different soil compositions, different climates, and different growing elevations, it guarantees a different experience for each cup of tea. Enjoy our reserved harvests of the most superior quality teas from around the globe.

Buy white loose leaf tea and matcha tea in CanadaBuy White Tea

White tea is one of nature's rare natural treasures. A much more limited harvest since these are the silvery buds that are found at the tip of each branch of the growing bush. A very light yellow colored tea rendering a smooth, soft anx exquisite taste and usually more of a relaxing experience due to a lower caffeine and higher theanine content in the leaves.

Buy oolong tea and matcha tea in CanadaBuy Oolong Tea

It's no surprise that the word long is found in Oolong, probably to express the amount of precious time that is taken to cure and process this explicit tea. To make a the perfect oolong, the leaf is picked at peak times, withered in the sun, shaken and gently bruised, dried in the shade, and the process is repeated many times until the perfect oxidation level is reached. Oolong tea is not as oxidized as black tea. High heat is used to remove the last bit of moisture which helps stabilize the leaf creating a very long shelf life. Oolong tea can be infused many times, usually getting better after the first couple infusions, by releasing its floral and other natural undertones. Enjoy this tea throughout the whole day by simply adding water, and first steeping for 20 seconds (sometimes tossing the first infusion) and than doubling your steeping time with every infusion. Tieguanyin is definitely one of Genie's favorite!

Buy pu-erh tea and matcha tea in CanadaBuy Pu'erh Tea

Pu'erh, exclusively created in the province of Yunnan in China, is definitely not a tea for beginners unless you are looking to explore and discover what the connoisseur already knows. Considering this a fermented tea found both loose(aka. rough) or pressed into formed tea(aka. raw. The first infusion(2-5 seconds) is usually not for drinking, it is simply to rinse the tea leaves. The next couple infusions(increase 5-10 seconds for every following infusions-some will infuse up to 20 times!) are the cream of the crop. Enjoy

Buy decaf tea and matcha tea in CanadaBuy Decaf Tea

These leaves have been extracted to remove the caffeine. A special CO2 process is used in order to preserve the flavour. We have a few varieties of green and black teas for you to explore. You can also try our herbal decaf teas, which are a very nice option for those who prefer a delicious and delightful caffeine free cup of tea.

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We carry some of the best herbal teas on the market. A wide range of options: Try our camomile, lavender, yerba mate, rooibos and more.

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Rooibos tea has quickly gained respect and has become very popular amongst herbal and decaf tea drinkers. A full bodied taste rich in minerals and other nutrients, this tea is great on its own or blended with other teas. Available unflavored and flavored, we offer both the red rooibos and the green rooibos.

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A wonderful taste of India in every cup. Our chai teas are made from some of the best ingredients on earth. This traditional tea is sure to warm your heart and soul.

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Tea bricks are pressed into bricks and cured until dry. These work of art are rarely brewed into cups of teas but rather exposed as works of art.

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It's difficult to resist the temptation of a nice pitcher of cold ice tea made from some of the best ingredients on earth. These teas range from fruity to citrus or both and offer a perfect balance of acidity and flavour in every single cup. Perfect for a cold winter day and even better to share with the whole family on a hot and humid summer day... or night! Delicate and rich with flavours ranging from field berries to tropical and citrus fruits, its like taking a sip straight from a rainbow. Discover our blends or add them to your favorite green tea, black tea or other teas.

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Our organic teas are certified and are free of herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers.

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Here are the rare teas reserved for us from different estates around the world. These are some special teas you won't find in every tea shop. If you are looking for a tea to impress your guests or yourself, these teas will definitely distinguish themselves from the rest. There is a tea for morning, afternoon or night time for everybody. Not only will they be interesting for you to discover alone, they make a great gift for someone you know who enjoys a superior and scarce drinking delight. Explore our rare exquisite teas.

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You will find tools of the trade ranging from traditional tea balls and matcha spoons to more modern solutions. Stay up to date with the tea world by visiting this section often to see what we have discovered and want to share with you! Happy brewing=happy drinking

Highest Quality Tea

Our Teas are always harvested at the best times and dried carefully and processed and cured to perfection. Our tea flavours are 100 percent chemical free. We use only natural flavoring oils. We also do not buy any teas from Northern Japan because of the radioactivity levels in the soil because the Fukushima Nuclear events. We take these details seriously and only choose top quality suppliers that pass the quality assessment test. Not only do we only work with the top suppliers of tea and a few other herbs, we also require to be supplied only the best of their lot, which makes a huge difference between a cup of tea and an excellent memorable cup of tea.

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